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message from the Chaplain

SHEMA CHAPLAINCY Be-ing precedes do-ing. Consequently, SHEMA SCHOOL has crafted a pro-active Chaplaincy team composed of resident, consulting and visiting professional chaplains to meet the socio-spiritual needs of SHEMA fraternity. This integrates with other SHEMA SCHOOL care services to address ‘whole-person’ needs. The SHEMA SCHOOL mantra of “Building Blocks to Royalty” is born of the Christian Education convictions from the Bible in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Isaiah 54:13. 


SHEMA SCHOOL Chaplaincy- spiritual care beyond the conventional worship centers, caters to the existential and emotio-spiritual concerns, enhancing learners and staff wellbeing while helping SHEMA corporate leadership to maintain purpose by living their values while serving their clients. Services Our Chaplaincy ministry gives focus to the following:

Our primary audience are the SHEMA SCHOOL learners. At their young age, their impressionable minds ought to be channeled to know, embrace and live out positive life virtues that ultimately mold them to true royalty. Whereas our learners come from varied faith backgrounds and convictions, the Chaplaincy services to them are NEVER a ground to proselytize but through the Spiritual Programs like the Royal Circle and other worship services, their minds are pointed to God who alone is the true source of knowledge and wisdom and whose Word alone can mold them to be men and women of Character and Light. We are also on standby to serve our learners during critical life moments like birthdays, graduations, rites of passage, illnesses and so forth.