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Playgroup - Jasper

Jasper is a semi-precious stone used in jewelry. In the book of Revelation 21:18. It is the first foundation stone in the new Jerusalem (The heavenly city). In Shema School, Jasper is the Play Group Class. Jasper is also considered a supreme nurturer. It offers support through times of stress and brings about wholeness and tranquility. This is essential to the child who is beginning a journey that is stressful and uncertain. This class calms and nurtures them on that adventurous journey

PP1 - Sapphire

Sapphire is the second foundation of the heavenly city. In Shema School, it is the PP1 class. In the book Ezekiel 28:13 Sapphire is described as a shield, protector and covering.In this class, we shield the children from bad characters by teaching them truth, faithfulness and sincerity in all of their endeavors as this is key in the development of the child.

PP2 - Chalcedony

Chalcedony is a bluish, translucent gemstone that seems to glow mysteriously from within, like a clear running stream. PP2 In this class of Chalcedony, brotherhood and goodwill Is promoted by giving the children an active platform to boost their creativity while also encouraging the children to speak from the heart. This increases their self-confidence and trust. This class marks the end of Kindergarten school at Shema School. This stone represents youthfulness and energy. It is drawn in reference to Christ’s service and unconditional love that led him to the cross for our sins.

Grade 1 - Emerald

The Emerald class is the Grade 1 class at Shema School. As the Emeralds begin their primary school journey we tap on their energy and mold the young minds to help them gain better memory of things. We also teach them unconditional love and service to God and humanity.

Grade 2 - Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a beautiful blend of the red sard stone and onyx. It represents the Grade 2 class in Shema School. The children in this class have a blend of many characters and are very vocal. Just as the priests in the sanctuary maintained sanctity and order, in Sardonyx class, we help maintain the balance between different worlds; at home, at school, the mind and the body, as we develop their perseverance and will power.

Grade 3 - Sardius

Sardius, one of the first stones in the high priests`s breatsplate, is known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation. This class will help inspire children to be bold, commit, and be motivated in anything they put their hands on.


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