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Shema school has been instrumental in my daughter's development skills. Since she joined playgroup at the age of 3 years, she has continuously amazed me in the strides and ability to express herself, engage with her class work, read and do simple math. The teachers at Shema are hands on from the moment your child arrives at school in the morning to when they leave. Shema is an all-round institution, while nurturing the academic growth of our young ones, the school also encourages and supports learners in co-curriculum activities i.e music, swimming, sports, technology and science just to mention a few. For my daughter the music classes have stood out for us, with a well equipped music class with modern music instruments I'm always encouraged to see how her music prowess has really grown. The school uses very child friendly teaching methods that keep children engaged and happy to go to school. The school meals are healthy and children enjoy meals in school. Two things that made me choose Shema school was first, the values and foundation of the school. It is christian based and the children are trained in a holistic way to embrace God from their early stage in life and build a foundational future as they grow. Such schools are rare and Shema is a gem and has taken into consideration how they even name their classes and school values. The second thing was the hygiene and cleanliness of the school. As a mother we all relate with a dirty environment and this informs part of school selection for your child. At Shema hygiene is observed at all levels. Now my daughter is going to grade one next year and I am proud of her and Shema school for the milestones we have achieved together. She can read and write well and is able to express herself with confidence. I would like to recommend parents searching for a school to visit Shema school and enjoy the experience of knowing your child has a good education foundation. Thank you Shema school.
Elizeba Owange
Chantal`S Mum
My name is Faith Wakiuru and my daughter's name is Ruth Murugi. She is in Jasper 2 class which she joined in April 2022. My husband and I are both born again christians and we desire to bring our children up in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such that they will know Him and walk with Him through their lives. This is why we had decided that we would look for a christian-centered school that would supplement the biblical exposure we give to our children at home. After some research we settled on Shema School and knew that God wanted this since He had made ways for our daughter to join in April. I took Ruth on her first day of school which I expected to be filled with tears and fear on her part, but to my pleasant surprise, the teachers were stationed at the entrance hugging and welcoming the babies so warmly, carrying them and making them feel right at home. As I left, my daughter even waved goodbye to me. I was very happy to see that and hoped she would not be homesick afterwards. When she arrived back home, she was very happy and actually just tired from her busy day and looked forward to going back the next day. This has been the case ever since. Shema School is her 2nd home. She even got potty trained in her 1st week there. She is constantly singing songs about Jesus and Abraham, and she even knows stories about King Ahab and Elijah. This is aside from her writing skills which are advanced since she is able to write her name and this is only her 2nd term there. She loves gardening and art classes which always broaden her mind. When Ruth gets ill and is unable to report to school, the teachers will call and check on her on a daily basis till she returns. That warmed my heart. One day during a conversation with Ruth she told me "my teacher loves me and even my friends" I felt so happy and reassured about our decision to pick Shema School. The teachers promote love and improve the children's knowledge everyday. My little son will definitely be joining Shema as well in another year. May God bless Shema School.
Faith Wakiuru
Ruth`S Mum
It was overwhelming looking for a school for our son and it was difficult choosing one over the many options that we had. It was not easy to find an accommodative school however, we felt at peace when we visited Shema School. The teachers and all staff members were welcoming, open and easy to talk to in our first encounter and this has been the case all through my son’s learning experience in the school. Our favorite part is that the school tends to the general and individual needs of the children and communicates the same to the parents well in advance. In other words, no student is left behind and the school does its best to provide space for all students to thrive. The learning environment is so engaging and fun that our son never wants to miss a day in school. Shema school management and teachers are innovative in making learning fun and efficient. They are accommodative to the parents to pitch in ideas for improving the learning experience. Shema school is also in a well and secure environment and they have also implemented protocols to ensure children are not picked up by random people without consent or communication from the child’s parent/ guardian. Shema school has been the best choice we made for our son and I would encourage other parents to come and join our Shema family as we live up to the motto “Building blocks to royalty”.
Christine Njogu
Jayden Karanja`s Mum
Shema School has been an absolutely wonderful place for our daughter, who is currently in her second year. Not only is the school an excellent place, but the staff has created a second home for our little girl. We were looking for a preschool that would support and transition her in a gentle and supportive way. As soon as you walk in, the first thing you notice is how clean, bright and inviting the space is. There are plenty of learning aids and decorations done by each child. My daughter is very pleased with all she has learnt and achieved and it is a joy to see her so happy with all her new friends, and we can't even begin to tell you how terrific her teachers are!! Tr. Sweeney ( Kindergarten teacher) has definitely had a lasting impression on her and will remain in our hearts always. Shema school starts them off on the right foot, and not just for 1st grade , but they are taught to love learning,to be wonderful, kind humans, capable and with an unshakeable belief in the goodness of God. The engaging curriculum, the care the teachers have and the love and concern they show reinforces to us that Shema School is a wonderful environment.
Destiny Salome & Kevin Opemo
Hera`s Dad & Mum
Finding a good school for our daughter was quite a challenge. A school where Christian values and character development are given priority, a place where love and welfare for children is the basis of education. Shema School is a blessing for us and our daughter. It has been one and a half years since enrolling in the school and her growth in character based on Christian values is encouraging. There is honest warmness and courtesy from all teachers and support staff and our daughter talks great about them. Her academic advancement is simply a phenomenon. It’s definitely an environment suitable for the development of our young ones.
Adams Ongeri
Amaya`s Dad
I am Esther Okoth, a happy parent at Shema school. I got attracted to the school first because it's a Christian school, second because of the spacious, clean and beautiful classrooms, clean washrooms, playground plus a garden. My boy started here from Jasper (playgroup) and I have seen great improvement in his academic and social life. He is very creative and can express himself well in English and Kiswahili. This I attribute to the dedicated teachers at Shema who take each child as an individual, identify their potential and work towards making them better at the child's own pace. Oh, and the meals are healthy and well balanced. I would highly recommend Shema because apart from academics it has extra curricular activities that ensures the childs' talents are nurtured and that learning becomes fun to the child. To parents who are looking for a Christian school with friendly staff that focuses on developing an all round child, Shema school is your answer!
Esther Okoth
Nolan`s Mum
Shema school has offered a firm foundation for my daughter Shalyn on different spheres of her education journey, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. One best Moment among many others was when my daughter made well-articulated speech on her graduation date, this was thrilling to see the effort made by the teaching staff in making such great strides in offering the best education Foundation. Shema has provided a variety of opportunities to enhance a holistic development of children as stated by the school Motto: Building Blocks to Royalty. The school provides kids with a variety of extra-curriculum activities which include; Music classes, swimming lessons, fun days where most of us as parents are actively involved, constant communication from both teachers and administration through diaries and online Evaluation forms and parents. This is what makes Shema outstanding. I would recommend Shema school due to their all rounded and highly effective approach to teaching. I particularly admired the way us parents got actively engaged via Students Dairies, academic meetings and several other school activities. The school gives the best child centered learning with very hospitable and professional teachers.
Shadrack Serem
Shalyn`s Dad
My name is Shivachi Joan. When our daughter Cheche was approaching the school-going age, just like any parent, we began looking around our neighborhood to see which schools had what we were looking for and so the search began, school after school we walked in and out. We finally got to hear about Shema from one of our neighbors. I made the phone call and talked to the school Chaplain Dan Abuya and we set an appointment to visit the school and have our child do the interview. She was then picked by her current class teacher and she went in for the assessment. When she came back, she had a folder with the assessment papers she’d done on one hand and dhania from the school garden on the other. We talked a little with the teacher, just to know whether she’d be able to cope with the school life we were about to introduce. As we walked away through the gate, she audibly told us “This is my school”, Hence, Our journey with Shema School began in January of 2020, slowly after Covid 19 struck I lost my job and had to home-school the baby for four months we had to partner with the school and teachers to ensure that despite the pandemic learning went on via all available platforms. The most she’s gained from joining is her fluency in speaking, she’s not shy nor timid, she’s able to express what is in her mind and can argue her case. She’s able to interact with people who are older than her. As for the extracurricular activities the music lessons have made us realize her passion for music and singing as she always joins our praise and worship team as they practice in preparation for Sunday Service. While in school, she learned how to appreciate her fellow students in various ways whenever they did well in their school work. Being an only child, she got the chance to learn how to share with others’ toys and even allow taking turns to play with toys or perform various tasks, her natural leadership skills came out and we began slowly to harness the same. When you interact with a Shema School baby you will realize that the potential out here is so great that it needs to be nurtured. As she turned 5 years old she had already given herself a nickname we have seen critical thinking at its best. Our daughter Cherop Johnson has grown up so fast that we soon came to realize that we do not have a baby in the house but another mature child who’s independent. Through the royal circle, she has had her faith grow tremendously, even when I feel like losing hope, she reminds me of a story they learned and tells me that Mummy, God is faithful. I would recommend Shema School to anyone for the following reasons you become part of a family and the community. A school is like a home away from home that even when they know the weekend is over, they long to be in school. The environment is child friendly from the teaching staff to the non-teaching staff. The teaching staff is excellent and their job exceeds the expectations that have been outlined for them. Be blessed today and always.
Joan Shivachi
Cheche`s Mum
My name is Fred Muchangi Munyi, I am the father of Tallia Imani Wangiri. Tallia is in PP2 ( Chalcedony ). She joined baby class (Jasper 1) at Shema School in the year 2019 when she was 2 yrs 3 months. Since joining Shema, Tallia has progressed impressively both academically and socially. Through the guidance of Tr. Lillian, Tallia has gained a lot of confidence and courage which has enabled her to be a capable child. Thank you for playing such an important role and being part of her development. Shema School is strategically located, which makes it easily accessible to anyone who wishes to visit the school, by use of all means. It becomes more convenient for the pupils to get to school because of the school van which picks them from their homes every morning and drops them every evening. The environment is very conducive, and has greatly and positively affected the learning of the child. The leadership of Shema School has created a positive atmosphere for learning both in school and at home. Teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play. The extracurricular activities introduced in school i.e. Music and swimming are great opportunities as they encourage confidence and strong will to perform many activities. The teaching from the Bible through memory verses, Bible stories and chiristian songs, has enabled the child to grow spiritually. The child has been taught how bible scripture apply to daily life. The child can memorize the scripture fluently and can sing Christian songs. This practical Christian living has challenged me as a parent. Being part of Shema School is an amazing experience as a parent. It is a good example of how different people can live together, work together and learn together. I would highly recommend Shema School to any parent.
Fred Muchangi Munyi
Tallia`s Dad

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